• “Biofarm is committed to the production of clean nutritious food using biodynamic farming principles, which are based on our consideration for the health and welfare of consumers, the animals in our care, and the environment we all live in.”

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WELCOME to BioFarm online

Welcome to the web site for Biofarm Products Limited, a market leader in the production of pure, natural dairy products. Certified organic since 1986, Biofarm dairy products use only pure organic milk, which means clean, nutritious food that is free from additives and full of health benefits.

Our Farm

Biofarm makes its popular yoghurt and two milk products using organically produced milk from its own farm.

Biofarm is unique in New Zealand in that the original family still runs the farm and produces the yoghurt on the farm.


Biofarm’s popular range of pure, natural, healthy, nutritional yoghurt products are available at supermarkets nation-wide.

All Biofarm’s yoghurts are made from fresh natural organically produced milk and include live acidophilus, bifidus and casei cultures (ABC).