• “Biofarm is committed to the production of clean nutritious food using biodynamic farming principles, which are based on our consideration for the health and welfare of consumers, the animals in our care, and the environment we all live in.”


Q: Is Biofarm yoghurt made from pasteurised milk?
A: Yes, as required by NZ law all of our products are pasteurised for your safety. Biofarm products are not homogenised.

Q: Is Biofarm yoghurt available nation-wide?
A: Yes. If you can’t find it, ask at your favourite supermarket or contact your local distributor.

Q: Why does the consistency of Biofarm yoghurt vary?
A: Every batch of Biofarm yoghurt is hand crafted, making it unique and original so no two batches are identical. Each batch is identified by its best before date. The seasonal composition of the milk together with climatic conditions mean that live cultures can respond differently to elements in the milk. If a bottle is two runny or thick for you tastes we’d love your feedback!

Q: Is your yoghurt more expensive than other yoghurt products because it is organic?
A: No, our pricing philosophy is that our yoghurts should be comparable with other yoghurt products. We run a cost-efficient operation and, unlike some yoghurt producers, we don’t have the expensive cost of additives.

Q: Since Biofarm yoghurt contains no preservatives, thickeners or stabilisers; does it have a shorter shelf life than other yoghurt products?
A: No, as long as the yoghurt is kept at a temperature of 4 deg C or lower, the yoghurt cultures naturally preserve the yoghurt.

Q: What is organic farming?
A: It is the complete absence of pesticides, the maintenance of a contented and well fed herd, and the creation of a diverse landscape and stable environment. Organic farming relies on renewable resources and precise management to achieve a healthy, sustainable and humane agricultural system.

Q: What does biodynamic mean?
A: The term biodynamic refers to a method of agriculture based primarily on the philosophy of Dr Rudolph Steiner. His work helped farmers to understand the living processes and interconnections between all the components that comprise the farm: soil, water, plants, animals, humans, air and wider influences such as the sun, moon and the planets.

Q: What is a probiotic food?
A: Biofarm yoghurt, which contains live and active cultures including acidophilus, is an excellent example of a probiotic food. Probiotics are living organisms that exert beneficial or life-enhancing effects by improving the characteristics of the intestinal microflora. Check our Health & Fitness section for more information.

Q: Can diabetics safely consume Biofarm products?
A: Yes because it contains no added sugar. However, diabetics who are not able to take honey should avoid the Bush Honey yoghurt.

Q: Can sufferers of lactose intolerance allergy safely consume Biofarm products?
A: Some can because our products don’t contain added milk solids, which are high in lactose, or any other additives. The live cultures in the yoghurt transform the lactose into lactic acid, making it able to be tolerated by some.

Q. Do you pack milk in a larger container?
A. We have decided to go to a smaller 650g pack size for our Ecofarm whole milk. The reason for this is that our milk is like “old fashioned” milk in that it is pasteurised BUT NOT homogenised. This means it must be kept refrigerated and used as quickly as possible after opening. Old fashioned milk used to come in pint bottles and this was a good size for keeping milk fresh after it was opened. 650g of milk is more or less equivalent to a pint.

Q. Why have you started using the plastic pouch for your products? It looks like a lot of plastic.
A. The EcoLean pouch is the most environmentally friendly package we can obtain in commercial quantities at this point in time. It might look like a lot of plastic, but it actually has one third less plastic than a plastic bottle of equivalent size.

Q. Does the pouch fall over when almost empty, or when in the fridge?
A. No. The gusset at the bottom of the pouch creates an effective stable base. When the pack is empty it is flat and able to be stored for recycling.

Q. What is in the handle on the side of the pouch?
A. This is an air-filled section which creates a useful handle for pouring.

If you have any other questions about Biofarm or our products,, please feel free to contact us.

A little bit about sustainable packaging and waste:

If you go to the EcoLean web site, you will read information that convinced us that this was a sustainable concept for packaging. From the “ cradle to the grave” the pouch uses less fossil fuels, creates less waste water and less air pollution than other packaging types such as plastic bottles, aluminium, glass or cardboard. The EcoLean pouch can be recycled in NZ and Australia with the recycle number 2 (same as plastic milk bottles) and is biodegradable.

As Biofarm is the farm and factory all on one site, waste is something we want to keep to a minimum. The EcoLean pouch cuts back substantially on imported plastic and cardboard and as we can store a large quantity in a small area (pouches are flat and on rolls) we have reduced freight and therefore fossil fuel use.

The small environmental footprint of the EcoLean pouch has benefits for us all, now and for future generations.

Thank you for playing your part in minimising waste.