• “Biofarm is committed to the production of clean nutritious food using biodynamic farming principles, which are based on our consideration for the health and welfare of consumers, the animals in our care, and the environment we all live in.”
All Biofarm Products are Gluten Free.


Biofarm’s popular range of pure, natural, healthy, nutritional yoghurt products is available at supermarkets nation-wide. All Biofarm’s yoghurts are made from fresh natural organically produced milk and include live acidophilus, bifidus and casei cultures (ABC).

Unlike many types of yoghurt, they contain absolutely no preservatives, thickeners, stabilisers or additives so can accurately be described as 100 percent pure and natural.

wildappleBiofarm Wild Apple yoghurt.
1 litre plastic bottle

The juice of organically grown apples from the Hawkes Bay has been concentrated into a full bodied apple syrup. This has been gently stirred into our probiotic natural yoghurt to create deliciously flavoured, old fashioned apple tasting yoghurt.

With breakfast cereals or fruit and dessert instead of cream, Biofarm Wild Apple Yoghurt will delight children and adults alike.

Biofarm Acidophilus yoghurt.
1 litre plastic bottle

This popular yoghurt is are made from pasteurised whole milk with the only thing added being live yoghurt cultures, including acidophilus, bifidus, and casei. Described as ‘pouring yoghurt’, it is great for a healthy and nutritious topping for breakfast cereals (with or without milk) or as a substitute for cream on desserts. It’s also great for Indian, Middle Eastern and other ethnic cooking whenever the recipe calls for natural yoghurt. It is ideal for cooking, to make light and tasty muffins and is delicious in smoothies because being so natural you can really taste the flavour of your preferred fruit.

Biofarm Low fat yoghurt.
1 litre plastic bottle or 500g Ecolean pouch

This 99.9 percent fat free yoghurt follows the same process as the acidophilus yoghurt, except for the fact that the cream is separated from the whole milk to create skim milk. It is ideal for diet conscious people wanting a pure and natural low fat topping for breakfast cereals and deserts and it makes particularly good smoothies and low fat muffins and pancakes.


Biofarm Bush Honey.
1 litre plastic bottle or 500g Ecolean pouch

Biofarm’s Bush Honey is a combination of natural acidophilus yoghurt and native honey, including Manuka, Pohutukawa, Rewarewa and Tawari from forests in the Kaimai Ranges and on the South Island’s West Coast. The honey is gently stirred into the natural yoghurt to produce delicious high-energy yoghurt that is ideal for drinking before or after going to the gym or for hungry teenage children when they get home from school.


Biofarm is best known for producing delicious and nutritious natural yoghurt. However, the company also produces Ecofarm pasteurised milk, which is sold principally in Nelson, Christchurch, and Wellington.

Most dairy companies produce one variety of milk that is not homogenised. But Biofarm Products Limited is unique in that none of its milk products are homogenised. Research has shown that homogenisation damages the milk’s milk-fat membrane, releasing enzymes that appear to have injurious effects on circulatory systems in human beings.

Ecofarm Pasteurised Whole Milk
650g Ecolean pouch

The natural choice, this pasteurised whole milk is produced by organically farmed cows and is packed fresh on the farm. 650g approximately equals 1 pint of milk. 95% fat-free.


Organic Butter


Organic Times Butter


Milk is harvested from around the North Island of New Zealand. Cream is separated, churned into butter and packaged in Hamilton. Biofarm has agreed to distribute throughout NZ for Organic Times, Australia.

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